10 Things Buyers Don’t Like

  • Bonnie Spindler
  • 02/20/15
Realtor.com posted this article about the ten things buyers don’t like. I have to take issue with a few of them.

They say NOT to have special light fixtures. I have had buyers who would not buy if a certain fixture was removed. One-of-a-kind fixtures can add a lot to the value and uniqueness of a home. Imagine the value added when a Bernard Maybeck home comes on the market with all its original fixtures. Priceless.

Color accent walls can do many beneficial things for a home. It can add interest, depth, or divide a space. They recommend removing the painted accent wall.
I do agree that if your favorite color is purple, and everything is purple, it may not add value.

What are your “Glamour don’ts” when you walk through a home?

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