3 Tips for Finding Homes for Sale in San Francisco

  • Bonnie Spindler
  • 08/20/16

So You’ve Decided to Find Homes for Sale in San Francisco

Between the breeze and the bay, San Francisco might be the best place to live on planet earth. Whether you’re a computer programmer looking to hit the technological scene or a foodie with an empty stomach, San Francisco has what you need to live a happy, long, fulfilling life. The only issue is, everyone else has realized that, too. Getting real estate in San Francisco can be incredibly difficult, as properties are swept up almost as fast as they are put on the market. Looking to find your dream home in the bay, but want to minimize your hassle? Follow these tips to get the dream home that you want without the annoyance.

1. Start the Move as Soon as Possible

It’s no secret that the San Francisco real estate market has prices that are higher than ever. If you want to move to SF, the best time to do it is today, before those prices get even higher. More and more people are realizing that San Francisco is the best city on planet earth, and the city is only so big. The faster you start the moving process, the better the chance that you’re going to land your dream home.

2. Move Before You Move

This may sound counter-intuitive, but real estate moves so fast in San Francisco that you have to be ready to spend some time there before you’re going to be able to close on a house that you’re interested in buying. Coming out and staying in either a hostel or a motel for a month while you’re waiting to discover your new house is not uncommon. Be sure that you’re ready to do that before you decided to move to San Francisco.

3. Have the Checkbook Ready

Real estate in San Francisco is no joke, in that people oftentimes will buy or lease properties on the spot. This buyer’s market mentality means that when you see the house that you want, you have to be able to have an inspector come out and check out the house so you can make an offer same day. Countless times people have lost out on their dream home because someone swept in when they hesitated. Don’t let that happen to you. Once you see the house and realize that it’s the perfect one for you, go ahead and close. You’re better of closing on a house without hesitation than having to settle on a mediocre house because there aren’t and good ones available.

Finding Homes for Sale in San Francisco Is No Problem

If you know what you’re doing, that is. Without the proper knowledge of the real estate market in San Francisco, you’re not going to be able to land the house that you want. Houses go so quickly here that it can seem almost impossible to get the job done. That’s why you have to be ready to pounce when the opportunity is right if you want to land your dream house.

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