How Realtors Find Your Perfect Home

  • Bonnie Spindler
  • 01/26/17

Using a Realtor to Find Your Perfect Home is a Breeze

When you’re starting the process of buying a house, it can be incredibly overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. Buying a home is one of the most important investments that you’re going to make in your entire life, so doing a good job on it is going to determine much of your future. People are often surprised at how experienced realtors can connect a family’s unique needs to a home that already exists. The process that they take to get the job done is diverse and depends on each family, but there are a few things that the process has in common no matter who the family is. Here are a few things that realtors do to find the perfect home for every family that walks through the door.

1. The Consultation

When you’re starting the process of listing your house, you sit down with a realtor so that they can get a feel for your needs. Often the consultation starts with a wish list of things that the family needs. From there, it’s the realtor’s job to cut down those needs into the things that are actually necessary, in a way that fits their budget. One of the more important parts of a realtor’s job is discerning which parts of the wish list are most necessary, or if the family has a budget wherein they can actually afford everything that they want.

2. The Budget

The true art of finding the right house for a family is finding a way that their budget can match what they want in their house. For example, many people will put things like a pool or a jacuzzi on their wishlist, but their budget might not fit these more superfluous items with the amount of space that they need, so they might have to go without the pool for what they’re paying, or they’ll have to find a way to raise their budget. This opens up the family to find out what they really can and can’t afford, which is really useful when they might not realize that they have unrealistic expectations for their budget.

3. The Winner

Your real estate agent might take you to several different properties, and chances are, some of them don’t really think that you have a chance of buying. What they’re trying to figure out with these houses is what’s actually most important to you. For example, they might find out that there’s some more wiggle room in the budget if they can find a property that’s going to perfectly fit their wish list, or they might find out that certain things on that wish list aren’t going to matter too much to them. By seeing your feelings on certain properties, they’re finding what is truly most important to you based on your reactions, which is going to be invaluable in determining which house is the real winner for you. This process of elimination is incredibly important for realtors that want to find the perfect home for the families that they work with.

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