Passé to au Courant in Just One Lifetime

  • Bonnie Spindler
  • 08/14/13
How much of what is old is new again? The Victorians were nothing if not eclectic. They were traveling widely, collecting with abandon, and creating homes that reflected their newfound wealth and prosperity. Keeping up with the Jones started with the industrial revolution, where the common man could suddenly buy items that had been only available to the wealthy in the past.

This eclecticism is showing up in today’s fashion and home interior. Steampunk, Sci-fi and Merchant and Ivory interiors are being adopted by Rejuvenation and Restoration Hardware.

I have noticed that a home with hex tile and subway tiles doesn’t look dated. But I have a feeling that all these homes with glass tile and bamboo are going to have to be updated in ten years, and will have become passé.

What interior design trend are you already tired of?

Five “Passé” Home Trends Make a Major Comeback

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