The Top 5 Fictional Victorian Houses

  • Bonnie Spindler
  • 08/1/15
You may not know it, but some of the most popular television shows and films feature iconic victorian homes. The timeless style of architecture is recreated in several different manners to create the perfect backdrop for characters over hundreds of genres. We have compiled the 5 most well known Victorian homes featured in the media! See which of these famous homes you can remember!

1. Full House

We all have caught an episode of the classic television services Full House. Every episode starts out with a welcoming intro of the Tanner Family exploring the city of San Francisco. The camera pans over the famous Painted Ladies staggering Victorian homes. Since the airing of the show, this row of Victorian homes have become something of a landmark. They are sometimes known as “postcard row” because of their fame in the city. In my career, I have had the pleasure of managing the listing and selling one of the infamous Pink Ladies.

2. Practical Magic

The 1998 romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock, Practical Magic, takes place in a Victorian style home. The home was a grand Victorian style home that sat on the edge of a lake. The erie home was perfectly fitting for a family of witches. Sadly, the gorgeous home in the film was merely a shell. The famous home was built for scenery shots for the movie. The majority of the scenes from the film was filmed in a studio in Los Angeles.

3. Murder House from American Horror Story

The popular thriller television series, American Horror Story, features a Victorian home known as the “Murder House”. This home is known as the Rosenheim Mansion. It is a real home that resides in Los Angeles. The home was first constructed by the architect Alfred Faist Rosenheim as a personal residence in 1908. The home features many victorian home styles, including a dramatic semi-circular library, extensive brick work, gold leaf ceiling, paneled walls, leaded glass cabinets, Tiffany stain glass windows, and more.
The home is currently up for sale in the Los Angeles area and many homebuyers are chomping at the bit to get into this iconic home.

4. Psycho

The major thriller film, Psycho, is known for the erie home where the film was set. The Psycho House, or Bates Motel, sits on the backlot of Universal City Studios. The Victorian style home was constructed for the film in 1959. After the major success of Psycho, the home was used for numerous films and television shows, including The Hardy Boys, Knight Rider, Different Strokes, and more. The Bates Motel/Psycho House is one of the most visited attractions in Hollywood to this day.

5. Up!

The popular animated Disney film, Up!, is known for its balloon clad, flying home. The little home that Carl Fredricksen couldn’t part with has hit home with many people. The quaint multi-colored, Victorian home featured throughout the film is being recreated all over the world. A family in Santa Clara, California recreated their own Victorian home to match the decorative features of the home in the animated film.
I hope you have enjoyed exploring some of the most well known Victorian homes in the history of film and television.

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