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We are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent services. Below are testimonials from some of our very satisfied past clients.


Bought a Single Family home in 2019 in Golden Gate Heights, San Francisco, CA.
Review for Member: Ceily Landman
Ceily helped us buy our dream home! As first-time house buyers in San Francisco, she helped us with our search and offer, and through her patience and expertise helped get our first and only offer accepted. Ceily is proactive and completely on top of her game — we were able to trust her  implicitly that anything and everything that needed to happen during our transaction was not only on schedule but also well-thought through and done to perfection. She knows the market and took the initiative to invite us to look at properties that met our criteria. When it came time to make an offer, she was able to provide us with a number of vendors to choose from for inspections and mortgage brokers. I should also mention that when I reached out to the individuals she recommended, they all were so excited to work with her on our deal — she is obviously well respected and liked by the ecosystem she works in. Ceily’s expertise was invaluable and she took the time to make sure we understood exactly what the process is and how to maximize each step. We are delighted to recommend her!!!
Britt Davies, San Francisco, CA

Bonnie represented us as first-time buyers, and we could not be happier with our experience from A to Z. She went above and beyond in finding us the perfect place within our budget — she managed to understand exactly what we were looking for, even better than we did at the time. Her knowledge of  the home buying market in and around SF is second to none, particularly if you’re looking for something a bit unique or out of the box (She is a Victorian specialist). Since we were both novices to the home buying process, she was also with us every step of the way explaining every aspect of the transaction clearly and patiently, getting the deal done despite some minor bumps in the road, and soothing our jitters. On top of of all that, Bonnie is a lot of fun to be around. We’re beyond excited about our new home and would recommend Bonnie and her team at Zephyr to anyone.

Zillow user280825, San Francisco, CA

I had a great experience with Ceily! Buying a home in SF can be really daunting. It’s unlike any other market, so it is really important to choose an agent who knows how to navigate the buying process. I bid on 3 different places, and when I finally won (up against 9 others buyers) it was Ceily’s  advice on a quick close and a compelling letter that put me over the top. She also referred me to an awesome lender who was able to handle a 10 day close. I highly recommend Ceily. She is awesome to work with – very responsive, knowledgable and personable. Ceily gets it done!

Stephen Skar, San Francisco, CA

Bonnie put together a very effective listing strategy, which included coordinating a beautiful staging of the entire property. In the end we received multiple offers and closed at a price well beyond our expectations.

Nils Ratnathicam, San Francisco, CA

Bonnie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She truly understands the market and is savvy about her marketing strategy. She has a pleasant personality and is professional and efficient. She knows when to move you along and when to hold your hand. I had the smoothest listing/selling process with  her of all my previous selling experiences. I highly recommend her!

Zillow user bonella89, Greenbrae, CA

Bonnie is a terrific agent. She really knows San Francisco and the best way to look at a property, whether as a home or investment. With places that needed work, her experience came in handy when trying to see past the thorns to the beauty of the rose. We most appreciated her balance of the

Zillow user lponticas, Berkeley, CA

We worked with Bonnie while buying our home and Bonnie helped us through a very difficult purchase process. We even purchased the place for lower than the ask price in the seller’s market!

Ganesh P. Vasudeva

Bonnie is quite simply a force of nature. She is constantly scanning the market for opportunities for her clients, and acts decisively on our behalf to make transactions happen. We have worked with Bonnie on four transactions over the past 17 years, and she has been a superb advisor, not only on  properties, but on the acquisition process and the business of real estate investing. She understands inside an out the fine points of SF law and policy related to real estate. Add to this an infectious passion for San Francisco’s Victorians, and an irrepressible desire to connect the kindred spirits in her network!

Hoyt Jonathan, San Francisco, CA

Bonnie has helped us buy two places in the bay and is helping us sell one of them now. She’s an essential part of our team. Her in depth knowledge of the bay and highly detailed expertise on victorian homes are indispensable parts of our decision making process. Without Bonnie’s proficiency and  intuitive understanding of our goals we’d lack the confidence we need to make the moves we have. We trust her judgement, her negotiating skills, and her advice. She has been and still is a great agent for us and has also become our friend.

Zillow user atessarowicz, Alameda, CA

Working with Bonnie and Sandra was a great experience. we met with them both in April and toured our home, we had an instant connection and her knowledge of all details of our circa 1885 Italianate Victorian was incredible. We decided to re-do our kitchen and baths prior to listing which of course  took longer than anyone expected and threw us off our listing date; Bonnie was very patient with us (I only mention that, because we’ve worked with some agents that have gotten cranky). Bonnie sold our house in less than a week, with an all cash, no contingency, 20% over asking offer. She also negotiated the purchase of our new home, also a circa 1885 Queen Anne Victorian for 20% below asking. We could not have asked for a better experience.

Zillow user user930582, San Francisco, CA

Bonnie has listed and sold properties for me in San Francisco for the past 10 years. I was extremely happy with service I received from Bonnie with both transactions. She has a thorough understanding and knowledge of the Real Estate market in San Francisco. Bonnie was able to negotiate a purchase  price I was very satisfied with when I bought a property. And she was able to sell a property for me at a very high price due to her excellent marketing skills.

Zillow user Odynski, San Francisco, CA

We couldn’t have asked for a better advocate while buying our house. VERY knowledgable about houses in SF. Bonnie was able to walk through with us and instruct us on what to watch out for, regarding things we wouldn’t have thought about, like septic, potential for expansion, etc.

Zillow user Kathiaz, San Francisco, CA