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Bonnie Spindler loves Petaluma for its historic housing stock. This 1840’s town is filled with excellent examples of Victorian mansions, Edwardian jewel boxes and Craftsman bungalows, by many well known architects, such as Julia Morgan, Bernard Jones and the Newsom Brothers. Ms. Spindler owned a Heritage Home in the Oak Hill neighborhood, designed by the famous (or infamous) Newsom Brothers and built by McNear’s father-in-law. The Newsoms also designed the renowned Carson Mansion in Eureka and many other residences and commercial buildings in California. Today, Bonnie lives on the west side of Petaluma in a Spanish Revival home. 

Rather than marketing to a specific geographic location such as the West Side, Ms. Spindler calls herself “The Heritage Home Specialist,” to help those buyers and sellers who are specifically interested in historic properties. Ms. Spindler, who loves the quality, construction and character of historic properties, advocates for the restoration of this dwindling resource. As she says, “they aren’t making any more of them.”

Since Ms. Spindler joined Corcoran Global Living, she has been a consistent Top Producer for her company, and has ranked in the top one percent nationwide. She held the record for Corcoran's (formerly Zephyr’s) “All Time Top Residential Sales Agent,” from 2006 until 2014.

Ms. Spindler founded and produced the Historic Home Trade Show in San Francisco, with participants from all over the Bay Area.

Currently, Ms. Spindler is a member of the Petaluma’s Woman’s Club.

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The City of Petaluma, California, was settled in 1850 along the banks of what is now known as the Petaluma River. It is believed the name of the town means 'flat back hills' in the language of the Miwok Indians. The town was incorporated in 1858, making it the oldest city between San Francisco and Eureka.

In 1879, Lyman Byce invented the first successful incubator for hatching eggs and a new and amazingly profitable industry was introduced in Petaluma. Hundreds of chicken farms dotted the landscape around town and with the price of eggs at 30 cents per dozen, profits from the egg business poured into Petaluma.

By 1920 the price of eggs was up to 50.5 cents per dozen and the money continued to pour into the town. For nearly two decades, there was more money on deposit in Petaluma banks, per capita, than any other town on Earth. The enormous prosperity in Petaluma sparked a spectacular building boom throughout the city, most of which can be seen to this day.

The epicenter of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake was only 18 miles southwest of Petaluma at the village of Olema. While towns further from the quake were destroyed, Petaluma managed to escape with little damage. As a result, hundreds of pre-quake buildings still exist in the town, and the downtown area has an extraordinary mix of architecture from the 1870s to the present. This availability of architectural styles from all eras has drawn the motion picture industry to Petaluma where numerous movies and more than 100 commercials have been filmed during the past 30 years, most notably American Graffiti, Peggy Sue Got Married, Inventing the Abbotts, and the Morning In America television ads for Ronald Reagan's 1984 campaign.

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