Western Addition

Welcome to Western Addition

Western Addition, the name that once designated the entire massive area west of downtown, is now recognized as a more concentrated neighborhood that shares space with five other sub-districts to comprise the Central North district of the city.
Western Addition was historically a small farming community that was thrust into popularity with the invention of the cable car in the 1870s. Shortly thereafter, a bustling Victorian suburb emerged. Sheltered from the fires that raged in the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake, many of those homes are still standing today. Residents in this neighborhood cherish these classic homes, along with the multi-family properties and condominiums added over the generations.
Having survived the turn of the century and many cycles of major city changes since then, Western Addition continues to thrive and has become a prevailing destination neighborhood. Neighbors such as Alamo Square, Hayes Valley, Lower Pacific Heights and Civic Center have aided in elevating it to a trendier status, driving the addition of many boutique storefronts and hip restaurants, bars and cafes.
With open green spaces, classic Victorians, an ideal locale, upbeat shopping and destination dining, Western Addition stands its ground as a distinctively San Francisco neighborhood with plenty to offer new residents as well as visitors.

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