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The final sale of your house may be dependent upon certain contingencies. These may be required by the buyer—or more often, the buyer’s financial institution. Your home will be subject to at least one inspection before the sale can be finalized. The state-certified inspector will be checking for health and safety concerns. If they find anything of concern, you will have to complete work orders to fix the issues.

If the inspector finds any of the following conditions, you may be required to complete a work order:

  • Faulty, damaged, or not-working plumbing system
  • Faulty, damaged, or not-working electrical system
  • Little-to-no attic ventilation
  • Little-to-no foundation ventilation
  • Deteriorated wood or dry rot
  • Water damage inside your home
  • Any broken or cracked windows
  • Missing paint or peeling paint (inside or outside of the house)
  • Overgrown plants/shrubs
  • The hot water tank does not have a ¾” discharge line
  • Less than 18” between the floor joists and soil underneath the house
  • Less than the required waterproof material around tubs (4 feet is standard)
  • Any earth-wood contact around the house

Keep in mind, these are just possibilities. You can check with your local authorities for exact requirements regarding work orders.

Bonnie Spindler wants the home selling process to run smoothly. She will negotiate with the buyer on your behalf to work out who is responsible for having the work orders completed. Give her a call when you are ready to sell your house. She wants to help ease you through the whole process.