7 of the Best Heritage Pieces to Invest in for Your New Property

7 of the Best Heritage Pieces to Invest in for Your New Property

  • Bonnie Spindler
  • 04/4/23

If you are in the process of buying a new luxury home this year, you may also be thinking about how you want to design it. Whether you purchase a home with elegant Victorian architecture or a mid-century modern design, consider how the furnishings and accessories you choose will best showcase your interests, passions, and lifestyle. You should also consider investing in heritage pieces with exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and sufficient durability to last through the years. When you are ready to start shopping, here are the best anchor pieces to invest in.


One of the first heritage pieces you should invest in is your sofa. The sofa is often the premier gathering space in the home, so you want one of high quality, construction, and comfort. A well-cared sofa that you’ve invested in can be something you hand down to the next generation, gifting them the family memories made on the sofa, as well as a practical piece for their home. Consider going the extra step and investing in a sofa customized to your taste and room specifications.

Dining room table

A high-quality dining room table is another wonderful anchor piece to invest in for your new luxury home. The dining room is often another main gathering space, whether it is your children spreading out with their homework, your family sitting down to dinner, or you're hosting a fabulous company event. Check the dimensions of the dining room space and allow for as much seating as possible for the various functions you envision.


If you want a heritage piece with a sense of history and sophistication, check out the variety of antiques available to invest in. Antique furniture and accessories inherently come with high quality and design, giving you an item that will last for years. If you have purchased a classic Victorian home in San Francisco, look into wood and marble creations to provide that luxurious and classy touch. If you want to start with a smaller antique, consider how the addition of a classic frame or signature porcelain piece would lend warmth to your room.

Area rug

A high-quality area rug is an investment that will bring you long-term satisfaction. Look at the rooms you and your family will use the most as your starting point, then determine how an area rug would define the space. Many designers even start with a signature or statement rug, then build the rest of the room around it. Look for a standout, handmade rug with quality materials like wool, silk, or merino, with impeccable craftsmanship. If you commit to maintaining and caring for your rug, it could be a heritage piece that lasts for several generations.

Statement art

Artwork is another strong anchor piece to invest in as you design your new luxury home. A statement work of art is a chance to showcase your personality. Decide whether you want to start with a piece in the living room that sets the mood and feel for the room or if you would like it displayed in the entryway to provide a striking first impression. Use your preferences as you decide, as it should be something you enjoy seeing every day. Statement art often increases in value over time, so it is nearly always a worthwhile investment.


The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to how you design your different spaces. Each room presents different lighting demands based on how you and your family use them. Set the right ambiance with a striking, unusual, or classic light fixture that shows your attention to every detail of your home. You will be delighted by the way a different light fixture, lamp, or chandelier can immediately change the tone of the room too.

Distinctive accessories

Distinctive accessories are also popular anchor pieces to invest in. Allow your personality and family history to shine through with thoughtful details. Consider your interests, too, and how you can showcase them through items placed strategically throughout your home. If you are a voracious reader, for example, invest in first-edition classics that continue to increase in value over the year. Consider your heritage and how that can be reflected through textiles, collections, or objets d’art.

When you are ready to design your new luxury home, consider which of these anchor pieces to invest in that will help you get started with the process. If you are interested in more ways to decorate or are ready to look for your next home in San Francisco, contact a real estate agent with a deep understanding of the area and the types of homes it offers. Bonnie Spindler, The Victorian Specialist, has worked in real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty years.  She specializes in real estate built prior to 1926, even living in a beautiful Victorian home herself. Contact Corcoran Global Living to get started with your search today!

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