Choosing a Home

Choosing a Home

  • Bonnie Spindler
  • 03/10/21
For most people, buying a home will be the largest and most expensive purchase they make in their lifetime. With that in mind, choosing a home to purchase is a huge decision that should take careful thought and consideration. Bonnie Spindler can provide as much input as you need to help you choose a legendary new home.
1. Time frame  Be aware that the home buying process can take anywhere from 1-3 months (or more!). Even if you find your dream home right away, understand that it may take some time before you are able to move in. We’ll do everything we can to make the process as swift as possible.

2. Location This category requires asking yourself quite a few questions to determine where you would like to live. Which type of neighborhood would best suit your needs (i.e. Is this neighborhood safe? Is the neighborhood full of families, singles, retirees?) Do you want to be near a body of water, out in the country, or closer to the city? How close would you like to live to your job, the freeway, or public transportation? With knowledge of all of San Francisco’s unique neighborhoods, Bonnie can suggest some of the best locations to meet all of your needs.

3. Style Are you looking for a stylish loft apartment? Or is a craftsman-style home with a large porch more your style? Let us know which styles or details suit your personal preferences, and we’ll help you find similar homes.

4.Size  Would you like a spacious bachelor pad? A cozy townhome? Consider whether you will be living alone or with a family. If you would like to entertain often, you may need a little more space. If you plan on getting a dog in the near future, you may need more space as well. Determine how many bedrooms and bathrooms will suit your needs at the time of purchase.

5. Features  Would you like a big backyard? How about large windows overlooking the ocean? What about a pool, or a basement? Could you make due with street parking, or would you like a 3-car garage?

6. Price  Factor in your income and any additional necessary expenses (car payment, insurance, gas, utilities, food, etc…) to determine a budget. How much disposable income would you like to have after paying your mortgage and all of your other bills? We don’t recommend exceeding your budget in order to save some money for future emergencies.
7. Deal Breakers or Compromises Once you have decided on all of your preferences, you may need to think about compromising in order to remain within your budget and financial means. Which is more important: living near your work or having a big backyard? Do you really need two kitchens? We can help you choose which features are most important to you and which ones are not necessities for the time being.

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