Should You Look Into Faux Finishing?

Should You Look Into Faux Finishing?

  • Bonnie Spindler
  • 02/21/23

Faux finishing is popular in Mill Valley, CA real estate as well as homes in other affluent areas. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants a more modern or industrial feel. It can replicate the appearance of wood, stone, brick, or marble without requiring you to utilize those specific materials. Many people give faux finishing a try and are thrilled with the results. If you’re thinking about utilizing faux finishing in your home, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. In this article, you’ll learn about why many people are turning to faux finishing. You can use this information to determine whether or not it’s the right fit for you.

1. Pro: Faux finishing can hide imperfections on your wall

This is especially helpful if your home is older or if you’ve noticed cracks and dents beginning to appear on your wall. It’s totally normal to notice wear and tear, especially if you’ve lived in your home for a significant amount of time. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to see any evidence of damage on a regular basis. You can hide these cracks easily with a faux finish. The textured application will hide blemishes and decrease the likelihood that you (or any of your house guests) notice anything abnormal happening.

2. Pro: Faux finishing lasts longer than regular paint

Traditional paint jobs can sometimes peel off and may require extra maintenance over time. This isn’t the case with faux finishing. If you take the time to do the job right, the faux finishing will last for many years to come. It also won’t decrease in quality or appearance over time. Faux finishing is known for sealing out dirt and grime because of the acrylic materials they are made with. Not only does this prevent them from quickly aging, but it also makes them easier to clean without running the risk of losing any shine.

3. Pro: Faux finishing is incredibly versatile

Most people use faux finishing to cover their walls. This is one of the most popular uses, but it isn’t the only application. Faux finishing works well on a variety of surfaces. You can apply faux finishing to ceilings, cabinetry, glass, and even floors. Consider using faux finishing on a laminate island to make it look like an expensive marble piece. You also don’t have to use faux paint to achieve the benefits of a faux appearance. You can also consider faux-inspired wallpaper for a similar aesthetic appeal.

4. Pro: Faux finishing gives rooms extra texture and character

Are you tired of the same boring white ceilings? Consider sprucing them up with faux finishing. In hardly any time at all, they will be brought to life in a way that completely transforms a room. You can quickly take your home from one era to the next by simply adding a new coat of paint.

5. Pro: Faux finishing can attract more buyers when you sell your home

Perhaps you’re thinking about using faux finishing to make your home stand out when you put it on the market. Faux finishing can help spaces stand out when they would otherwise appear bland and boring. Faux finishing also comes in a variety of colors and styles, so you can apply faux finishing to different rooms and spaces while matching the existing color scheme. Make sure you do your homework ahead of time to get a better feel for what colors and styles might best appeal to buyers in your area.

6. Pro: Faux finishing is inexpensive

Faux finishing doesn’t look cheap, but you can purchase faux finishing for your home without spending an arm and a leg. Your home will look like it was made with luxurious materials such as stone or marble. In reality, you only spent around half as much as these materials would have cost.

7. Con: Faux finishing is difficult to repair

Faux finishing doesn’t often need repair work. When it does, this can be difficult to do while ensuring that the new finishing still blends well with the existing faux on the wall. Later additions don’t always fit in well with what’s already in place. Faux finishing is also challenging to remove if you ever decide that you want to go in a different direction.

8. Con: Faux finishing tends to satisfy a specific taste

If you add faux finishing to your home that satisfies your tastes, this is great for you. It can be difficult if you try to sell your home and you find that others don’t share your same preferences. Faux finishing can sometimes be a niche desire that doesn’t always align with what most other people are looking for.

9. Con: Faux finishing is difficult to do on your own

Faux finishing isn’t as easy to apply as traditional paint. It’s important that you take the time (or spend the money) to get it done the right way. If your faux finishing goes on incorrectly at first, it will take quite a bit of work to hide any mistakes and cover them up with a fresh coat of paint. Also, your walls won’t damage easily, but the issues will be obvious if they ever incur any sort of dent or stain.

10. Con: Faux finishing takes longer than the regular painting

Because it requires intricate work, faux finishes can often take longer to apply than traditional painting. Whether you choose to take on the project yourself or hire a professional to help, you will have to be prepared for your home to be a work zone for a significant amount of time as the job nears completion.

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