Style is Soul

Style is Soul

  • Bonnie Spindler
  • 01/29/24

I must admit that my personal interior design style verges from Eclectic to Bohemian to Moody Maximalism. Color is a necessity. Texture is a touchstone.  My home is chock-a-block with furniture, art, and artifacts hand-carried back from my travels, and excursions through eras at good antique stores. Also honored are the many family heirlooms that eventually made their way to me over the years. 

Style is very personal, so much so that walking through a well-curated home should feel like an abbreviated peak into a soul,  through the owner’s thoughts, moods, adventures, and experiences; the well-curated home should be a reflection of the collector's essence. The home tells the homeowner’s story.

What is interesting about today’s Restoration Hardware/West Elm Zeitgeist is that it removes all hints of color for putty, khaki, gray, and beige. Personal effects are removed to be replaced by plaster knockoffs of a Roman bust of a goddess or god: the literal antithesis of a personal collection. A home should not feel like all the contents arrived on the same day from one place.


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