Preparing Your Home

Preparing Your Home

  • Bonnie Spindler
  • 03/7/21

When you decide to sell your home, your goal is probably to sell as fast as possible for as much as possible. One way to improve your chances of this happening is to put in a noticeable amount of effort when preparing your home and property for the sale. Here are some tips to improve the look and feel of each one of your rooms, as well as the outside of your home.


The Yard | Porch | Patio

If your front yard is unkempt and a mess, a potential buyer may not even walk in the house. Make the outside welcoming and inviting with these simple tips.
If you have a lawn in your front or backyard, be sure it is mowed, trimmed, and in good condition. Prune overgrown shrubs, bushes, or plants. Remove any dead branches and plants. Repaint or re-stain wood on patios, fences, or benches. Add fresh mulch to flower beds or plant new flowers if the season permits.

The Exterior of House and Front Door

Paint or stain your existing front door to make it look nicer. You may even want to purchase a new front door to add more curb appeal. Polish your door handle and ensure that your doorbell is in good working condition. Be sure to clean your gutters and wash your windows.

The Living Room/Family Room

Get rid of any identifying personal belongings, such as family pictures, children’s drawings, or diplomas. Your buyers will want to be able to see themselves living in your house. It will be much harder for them to do so if it looks like someone else lives there. Remove as much clutter as possible, as it can be distracting. Consider putting slipcovers over any eccentric furniture (such as a printed couch). Repaint the walls a neutral color to attract more buyers. Clean out your fireplace and set fresh logs inside.

The Kitchen

Clean everything! There should be no stains, grime, or grease. Neatly arrange the insides of your cabinets and pantry, as visitors are bound to open them. Make sure all of your appliances are working well. Replace any outdated faucets or fixtures. Light a scented candle or bake some cookies so your kitchen smells great and invites people in. Set a vase of fresh flowers on the table for even more appeal.

The Bedrooms

Remove any pictures, special heirlooms, and valuables. Make sure the bedrooms are free of clutter, including the closet. Rent a storage unit if you have to. You’ll want your closets to appear spacious, not overcrowded. Buyers love storage space!

The Bathrooms

Clean all sinks, faucets, showers, tubs, and floors. Make sure all joints between tiles are properly caulked. Set out clean towels and supplies. And always close the toilet (this includes the lid!).
When your home appears clean, free of clutter, and well taken care of, your potential buyers will take notice. Visit our Showing Your House page for advice on showing your house and information on how your real estate agent can help with this step. Contact Bonnie Spindler for expert assistance selling your house.

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